Ensuring an even grade is a crucial aspect of construction work. Grading requires precise and accurate movements for the best results.

Grade control systems can simplify the grading process by offering operators access to project details as they work, making it easier to dig with confidence, increasing efficiency and producing better results.

What Are Grade Control Systems?

Grade control systems use design files to help operators dig accurate grades, eliminating guesswork and allowing workers to easily grade with precision.

Trimble offers the most robust selection of machine control systems in the industry, including the following grade control technologies:

  • Trimble 2D grade control: This system is fully scalable and can be configured for most machines. It is ideal for small projects and easy to move between equipment.
  • Trimble 3D grade control systems: These are the most versatile grading technologies available and are compatible with many machine types. You can use them in either auto or manual mode.
  • Trimble Ready: Trimble Ready machines include common system configurations and pre-installed wiring and brackets, allowing you to move the components between machines quickly.

Trimble Grade Control Systems

Trimble offers access to a diverse selection of grade control systems to optimize your work processes and increase worker productivity:

  • Compact machine grade control: With single and dual grade control systems, you can maximize your compact construction machines’ flexibility, productivity, speed and power.
  • Grade control system for excavators: GCSFlex, 3D and 2D grade control technology can increase your excavator’s productivity and help your operation save money on labor costs.
  • Grade control for scrapers: Improve efficiency and reduce material costs with a 3D grade control system for scrapers.
  • Motor grader controls: Decrease risk of damage, ensure antennas are secure and save time removing and reinstalling them each day with Trimble’s motor grader controls.
  • Grade control for wheel loaders: Improve accuracy and precision with Trimble grade control for wheel loaders.


Benefits of Grade Control Systems

There are numerous advantages to using grade control systems for your construction projects:

  • Improved accuracy: Gain immediate access to accurate files that show operators exactly how and where they should dig grades. You can even have the blade moved automatically to the right position in auto mode on 3D control systems.
  • Increased efficiency: Boost productivity and finish projects in less time by avoiding mistakes and rework.
  • Cleaner results: Get an even, steady grade on the first try with Trimble grade control systems.

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