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Your machines move dirt, but Trimble’s Software Solutions can help you move mountains. SITECH Horizon can help you optimize design-construct processes and help you collaborate more effectively with designers with our selection of Trimble software solutions available here in Charlotte, NC.

Dig into rich 3D models, execute projects, and track progress more effectively than you ever have before. With solutions such as Trimble Business Center, Trimble Stratus, Trimble WorksManager & WorksOS, you will be able to have more eyes and more insight on the status of your project and its surroundings. Then explore the world of Jobsite Connectivity, a task management program that allows you to create a single workflow data hub. This allows data to flow seamlessly from stakeholder to stakeholder both on and off the field, providing a single source of truth to your respective teams. 

Learn more about how 2D and 3D construction software can help your business!

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Trimble Stratus

Map, measure, and manage your job site using Trimble Propeller Drones powered by Trimble Stratus software. Within 24 hours of data processing, you'll have a full 3D model with visual and geographic information to help your team collaborate virtually and increase productivity. 

With Trimble Stratus, you can survey your site and update the model as work progresses, monitor material volumes, compare designs to job site progress, and use cutting-edge visuals to communicate more effectively.

Trimble Works OS

When you need a job site connectivity solution, use Trimble WorksOS. This software solution allows site supervisors and project managers to track the progress of projects—even when off-site. This cloud-based solution collects data from your machines and enables you to:

  • View progress plans for multiple projects in a single dashboard
  • Track the work completed and what's left to do with models that shift as the work changes
  • Monitor productivity data like production quantity and areas graded and compacted
  • Visualize volumes of earth moved over time in daily or weekly graphs and tables
  • Calculate live updates about remaining cut and fill compared to your original project estimates

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Trimble Business Center

Trimble Business Center is a 2D and 3D modeling software application that seamlessly integrates with other Trimble software solutions, including Siteworks, Earthworks and Groundworks. These integrations allow you to combine survey and earthwork data to create helpful models needed to complete work faster and more effectively. 

With Trimble Business Center, you can access a variety of field data types and create deliverables you need for better bidding, estimating, and scheduling.

Trimble WorksManager

Another job site connectivity solution, Trimble WorksManager, lets you send the latest models to machines and construction crews. WorksManager seamlessly transfers your latest designs to any mobile device, so site managers can save time moving between the office and job site. Project managers can now keep track of multiple crews and projects from one location, troubleshoot issues remotely, and keep projects on schedule and on budget.

Main capabilities:

  • Design management and transfer: Move files between devices across the internet. 
  • Activity monitoring: See where devices and machines are located at all times.
  • Remote assistance: Gain visibility into current designs and troubleshoot issues with ease.

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