Trimble Business Center

Trimble Business Center

Create 3D design models and automatically generate uncompacted surface designs. Works seamlessly with Trimble design software like Trimble Roadworks and Trimble Earthworks.

  • Design Management
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Reduced Drive Time
  • Reduce Rework
  • Increase Profits

Works seamlessly with:

  • Trimble Siteworks Software
  • SCS900 Site Controller Software
  • Trimble Earthworks
  • Trimble Roadworks
  • Trimble Groundworks
  • Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System
  • Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System
  • Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System
  • Cat AccGradeCat GRADE Grade Control Systems

Connected Construction

  • Upload designs, topographical and drone surveyed surfaces, and machine as-built data.
  • Integrated designs from Trimble Business Center.
  • Interoperability with Trimble Connect and Trimble WorksManager Software for project, asset, and design management.
  • Utilize machine productivity data from Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform and other Trimble machine control systems.

3D Productivity Monitoring

  • Real-time cut, fill, volume and compaction data.
  • Adjust daily work targets to stay on schedule.
  • Visibility into which machine is working .
  • 2D cut/fill maps for material movement.
  • Pass count maps for compaction.
  • Filtering capabilities based on machines, geofences and lifts.
  • Progressive volume charts to show cumulative total overtime.

Activity Workflow Advantage

  • Define the start/end quantity and design targets of an activity.
  • Track progress and productivity to optimize bidding, scheduling and estimating.
  • Intuitive interface enables users to easily monitor job site metrics without having to understand and setup complex filter settings.
  • Key metrics and completion status of activities in a summary report dashboard for convenient monitoring and reporting.
  • Identify when progress is behind schedule to make resource corrections and get back on track.

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