Save money on your construction equipment by renting a Trimble site position system. SITECH Horizon has a variety of rental options for when you need positioning and alignment equipment but aren’t ready to purchase new products. At SITECH Horizon, we know renting is an easy way to test if a piece of equipment fits your team and construction operation. Try a Trimble site position system today and give your team a competitive advantage.


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Trimble Site Position Equipment

Trimble offers a full range of site position system equipment for aligning, leveling and positioning your interior, underground and general construction work. Get a competitive advantage by choosing Trimble — the company that combines heavy-duty equipment with smart technology to maximize your productivity through data analytics and real-time connectivity. For 55 years, Trimble has provided customers with high-quality and easy-to-use construction equipment.



No-Commitment Rental From SITECH Horizon

With rentals from SITECH Horizon, you can try new equipment and see what works the best for your construction site without making a big investment. Renting is also helpful for companies that don’t frequently use site position equipment and require it for a short time span.

All our rental equipment is maintained and updated by our qualified technicians. A SITECH Horizon rep can help you find equipment that suits your budget, time frame and project goals.

SITECH Horizon’s Selection of Site Position Systems

At SITECH Horizon, we rent a wide array of Trimble site position systems, including

  • Site Positioning Systems (SPS) GPS receiver: Enhance your site measurements and stakeout operations with this GPS receiver that can be used as both a rover and base station.
  • Site positioning systems essentials kits: 
    • SPS GPS base station: This combination radio and GPS receiver system is ideal for permanent and semipermanent setups alike. We rent SPS855s. 
    • GNSS smart antennas: Built for rugged operations, the SPS986 uses integrated wideband radio to receive corrections. If you’re looking for a permanent base-installed antenna for a larger site, try the SPS855.
    • TSC7 controller: This controller is the ultimate information hub for contractors. It’s compatible with the SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver, SPS9856 GNSS Smart Antenna and SPS series. Plus we rent Panasonic Toughpads. 
  • SPS total stations: These universal stations work for everything from Robotic Machine Control to stakeout operations. They’re designed for high-traffic construction sites. We rent SPS930s. 


Laser Levels

  • LL500: Reliable and accurate one-person leveling system designed for long-range measurements on large construction sites
  • LL300N: High-accuracy medium-range laser leveling solution designed for difficult weather conditions
  • LL300S: Weatherproof and rugged laser built to withstand even the harshest job site conditions


Pipe Lasers

  • DG813: Fully self-leveling laser designed for unprecedented performance while pipe laying
  • DG613: Powerful and compact self-leveling laser for pipe laying with up to 50 hours of use time
  • DG613G: Advanced functions and an intuitive design to increase your productivity while laying pipe


Choose SITECH Horizon for All Your Site Position System Rentals

No matter the project, our experts can find a site position system that fits your goals, budget and time frame. Visit SITECH Horizon in-store or contact us online today to start the rental process.

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