Machine grade control equipment used on a grader

No-Commitment Surveying Rental Equipment

SITECH Horizon is happy to provide rental options for our customers. If you are looking for a rental to assist in site positioning, surveying, and grading, we’re here to help. We offer rentals for machine control and site positioning, as well as options for grading laser rentals. 

With rentals from SITECH Horizon, you can try new equipment and see what works the best for your construction site without making a big investment. Renting is also helpful for companies that don’t frequently use site position equipment and require it for a short time span.

All our rental equipment is maintained and updated by our qualified technicians. A SITECH Horizon rep can help you find equipment that suits your budget, time frame and project goals.

Spectra equipment in use on a job site.

Machine Control Rentals

At SITECH Horizon, we know that renting offers several benefits, such as testing a piece of equipment before you buy. Depending on how often you need a piece of equipment, renting can also help you save money during a short-term job.

We rent Trimble machine control systems to help you take advantage of the latest technology. Give your company a competitive edge by renting Trimble technology — the company that invented machine control equipment — from SITECH Horizon.

Site Position System Control

Save money on your construction equipment by renting a Trimble site position system. SITECH Horizon has a variety of rental options for when you need positioning and alignment equipment but aren’t ready to purchase new products. At SITECH Horizon, we know renting is an easy way to test if a piece of equipment fits your team and construction operation. Try a Trimble site position system today and give your team a competitive advantage.

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Spectra Precision Lasers

Spectra Precision® Lasers are designed to provide accurate readings for numerous job applications. These laser systems can help you complete interior work, underground work and any other general construction. If you are looking for a grade, pipe or leveling laser, Spectra Precision rentals are available at SITECH Horizon.

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