If you’re looking for rentals designed to help you with site positioning, grading and surveying, SITECH Horizon can help. We provide rentals for these tasks to help you work more efficiently. Try one of our solutions today and see how it can benefit your job site.

Spectra Laser Rentals

SITECH Horizon carries numerous lasers from Spectra Precision®. If you need reliable laser tools for construction or underground work, choose SITECH Horizon Rentals. These machines can help you with leveling, positioning and aligning in any jobsite situation.


Our goal is to help you find the right laser for your specific application. We offer numerous lasers ranging in three broad types:

  • Grade lasers: We have several models of grade lasers, each of which has beneficial features. They are easy to use and offer high accuracy levels. Some of these models also work well for long-range applications and have self-leveling capabilities. Get a durable grade laser to level your construction sites.
  • Laser levels: We also carry laser levels. These devices are extremely accurate. They can be useful for large construction sites, varying weather and other demanding job site conditions.
  • Pipe lasers: We offer lasers specifically designed for pipe laying applications. Many of the models we carry are self-leveling and provide advanced functions in a compact device to help you improve job efficiency.




Machine Control Rentals

We rent Trimble machine control systems to help you take advantage of the latest technology. Give your company a competitive edge by renting Trimble technology – the company that invented machine control equipment – from SITECH Horizon.

We offer a wide range of Trimble Machine Control products:

  • GCS900 Machine Control Kits
  • Earthworks GO!
  • Receivers MS995, MS975
  • Radios SNR930, SNR934, SNR430, Satel
  • Displays CB460
  • 2D Laser Systems

These systems are compatible with everything from compact machinery to excavators, scrapers, motor graders and wheel loaders. Rent one of these machine control systems today to see increased productivity and accuracy at the job site.




Site Position Systems Rentals

When you need site position system equipment for your construction site, choose SITECH Horizon. Aside from our Spectra laser and machine control rentals, we carry numerous other products to help you with construction site surveying. Some of these devices include:

  • Site Positioning (SPS) GPS receivers
    • SPS855 GPS Base Station
    • SPS986 GPS Rover
  • Data Collectors and Controllers
    • TSC7 10″ windows controller
    • Panasonic Toughpads
  • SPS total stations

SITECH Horizon can help you find site position system rentals near you.




Rent Spectra Lasers, Site Position Systems and Machine Control Solutions Today

At SITECH Horizon, our goal is to help you find equipment designed to help you increase efficiency at your construction site. Our rental offerings can help you save time grading, leveling, positioning and surveying.

Find what you need at SITECH Horizon today by browsing our rental inventory. Reach out to us online if you have questions or want to get a rental.