Trimble SPS720 Total Stations

Trimble SPS720 Total Stations

One-person operation on smaller site operations and work on structures such as bridges or culverts, offering very high accuracy and reliability for construction site positioning, stakeout and measurement.

  • MultiTrack Technology: Locks on and tracks passive prisms for control measurements, and active prism targets for dynamic measurements required for grade control applications. This prevents costly delays and subsequent rework; faster machine speed means increased productivity and faster results to grade.
  • Trimble’s MagDrive: is an electromagnetic direct drive servo system which gives high turning speeds and accuracy, the frictionless motion removes servo noise and reduces instrument wear. This includes endless horizontal and vertical motion, as well as fine adjustment.
  • Automatic Functions:
    1. Corrects mislevelments =/- 6 inches while notifying the operator of any mislevelments beyond 6 inches;
    2. While measuring in standard mode, it takes the SPS720 Total Station 2 seconds to measure the distance;
    3. Angles returned the SPS720 at 1000Hz are averages over the 2 second period to obtain an average angle measurement

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