Trimble 2D Grade Control System

Trimble 2D Grade Control System

Grade control systems use design files to help operators dig accurate grades, eliminating guesswork and allowing workers to easily grade with precision. Our control system comes equipped with the Trimble ST400 Sonic Tracer, LR410 Laser Receiver, TD510/TD520 Displays, and Spectra Precision GL700 Series Grade Laser. The Trimble 2D Grade control system is fully scalable and can be configured for most machines. It is ideal for small projects and is easy to move between equipment. Request a quote for our Trimble 2D grade control system for sale today!

Spectra Precision GL700 Series Grade Laser

  • Ideal for site preparation, trenching and pipe laying, fine grading and road construction — they help you get to grade faster with more accuracy
  • Durable, precise machine guidance with GCS900 2D Grade Control Systems and GCSFlex Grade Control Systems
  • Laser-based compact machine installations

Trimble LR410 Laser Receiver

  • Controls lift to an accuracy of .01 to .02 accuracy (3-6 millimeters)
  • Mounted to an electric mast on the blade and connected to the machine hydraulics

Trimble ST400 Sonic Tracer

  • Uses physical reference such as curb and gutter, stringline, existing or previous pass as an elevation reference
  • Mounted to the blade

Trimble TD510 & TD520 Displays

  • Capable of extending displays with additional applications without upgrading hardware or adding an additional display
  • Sunlight-readable, optically bonded LCD with capacitive multi-touch itnereaction
  • Andriod operating system for easy software extensibilit
  • Powerful quad core processor platform with dedicated graphics processor
  • Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi for wireless connectivity
  • Quick release RAM mounting for daily theft protection removal

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