The construction industry has always toed the line between tried-and-true solutions and cutting-edge innovations. There are old-school methods that work time and time again, and new construction technology can change the way crews accomplish tasks. Much of the latest construction technology empowers construction crews to benefit from the old and the new. Many companies augment their old-fashioned measurement techniques with high-tech tools to take efficiency to new heights. This article will look at some of the most impactful uses of technology in construction.

Whole-Project Mapping and Tracking

You can start seeing the benefits new technology brings from the earliest stages of a project. Developing project schematics is easier than ever, thanks to modern surveying tools that produce 3D images of job sites.

One of the most useful examples is Trimble Stratus, a program that builds maps based on drone footage. Crews can access new construction software through a tablet or computer at any time to improve every operation, from plan development to progress tracking, with state-of-the-art technology. The software lets your team find, analyze and share important information with greater efficiency.

Laser Measurements

Lasers help crews perform leveling and grading more accurately and efficiently. A single crew member can set up a laser device to shine a conspicuous reference line indicating benchmarks and stopping points when leveling land or grading a slope. Some lasers have specific designs that help crews align storm drains, sewage pipes and other pipework. Spectra Precision® lasers are some of the most prominent because of their durability and the viability of job-specific models.  

Resource Management

Completing projects on time requires the ability to track all resources like equipment, fuel and materials. While old-school data entry has always been an effective resource management method, today’s fleet and asset management technology makes the process faster and more convenient. Crew leaders can monitor job site activity in real-time from any location using computer software like Trimble’s WorksOS. Modern computer programs make it easier to plan material shipments, fuel delivery, crew schedules and more to increase uptime and work more efficiently.

Equipment Control Resource Management

Diligent planning is crucial for any project, but putting the plan into motion is its own challenge. Machine control technology helps crews match the measurements they took more accurately while grading or leveling land. Rather than relying on sight alone, grade control systems mount onto excavators and display precise measurements that help machine operators follow project schematics to the tee. Machines and labor are expensive, but accuracy improvements from machine control systems cut costs by ensuring the job gets done right the first time.

Equip Your Crew With the Latest Tech

Using new technology in construction paves the road toward more efficient ways to survey job sites, take measurements, develop plans and complete projects. At SITECH Horizon, we specialize in providing innovative solutions for construction business owners looking to prepare their construction crews for a successful future. We encourage you to browse our rentals or get in touch to discuss how we can benefit your business.