Lasers for construction are ever-changing pieces of technology that revolutionize their industry by improving the way crews complete essential tasks. First introduced in the 1960s, lasers are useful tools for assessing grade, level, distance and alignment. In most applications, a laser provides a reference point that helps construction workers see the desired level or angle in fine detail. Positioning a laser on the ground or a tripod is fast and easy for one person, and the laser will stay in place without assistance.

Construction crews use lasers for a wide range of jobsite needs. SITECH Horizon carries multiple types of Spectra Precision® lasers each with their own specialization to assure accuracy and usability in any jobsite application.

Grade Lasers

Our grade lasers for construction applications enable workers to create precise slopes when completing landscaping and drainage jobs. A Spectra Precision laser for fine grading can provide an accurate reference point with precise elevation control, even from long-range distances. These devices feature automatic leveling systems, plus receivers that clearly display the current grade status. Some of our most prominent grade lasers include:

  • GL722: With a grade range of -.5% to 25%, the GL722 serves as Spectra’s most advanced long-range grade laser that provides ultimate accuracy at distances up to 3,000 feet
  • GL622N: This model is a simple, durable grade laser with a 1,300-foot operating range, and a grade range of -25% to 25%, perfect for all jobsite situations
  • GL422N: A reliable and rugged dual-slope laser, the GL422N allows for precise grading up to 2,600 feet, with both horizontal and vertical self-leveling capabilities
  • GL412N: The GL412N offers Spectra’s most reliable single-slope grade functionalities with an operating range of 2,600 feet and a -10% to 15% grade range

Laser Levels

Nearly every construction job involves leveling. A Spectra Precision laser leveling device can expedite the process. Laser levels emit one constant horizontal plane that workers use as a leveling target. Like grade lasers, laser levels are easy for one person to install, meaning the rest of the crew can direct their attention elsewhere. Our Spectra Precision laser levels include:

  • LL500: Spectra Precision’s flagship top-end flat plane level that operates with a diameter of up to 1,600 feet
  • LL300N: This durable model has a rugged top chamber and self-leveling capabilities ideal for daily use and any application
  • LL300S: With a manual slope mode, this laser is perfect for simple grade projects and all flat plane needs

Pipe Lasers

Pipework is one of the newest applications for construction laser systems. You can use lasers to set the desired installation angle for a new pipe. Previous methods required crews to position various stakes, bobs and strings to ensure accuracy. Laser beams make accurate pipe installation easier, especially in low-light settings. Most pipework involves low-percentage grading, but pipe lasers offer the precision to rise to the task. Most pipe lasers have self-leveling mechanisms for consistency from start to finish. We carry a few Spectra Precision pipe lasers:

  • DG813: A top-end pipe laser with a reduced length is ideal for precision in tight spaces and allows use of an automatic target finder. Perfect for precise pipe laying needs.
  • DG613: This efficient, accurate model has a red laser and user-friendly features for the fastest setup times
  • DG613G: This option is an alternate edition of the DG613 with a brighter green laser for the darkest settings

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