Augmented reality (AR) can enhance construction sites and help contractors easily visualize blueprints and other data. The innovative technology allows designers, engineers, architects and project managers to incorporate virtual architectural elements into real-life building sites. Professionals can use augmented reality for construction to overlay the physical world with a digital interface. The results are better collaboration opportunities, stronger design work and increased building accuracy.

At SITECH Horizon, our AR solution SiteVision brings many beneficial features to your worksite, from 3D visualization and measurement to in-depth reporting.

Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented reality brings insight and a complex understanding of design to a construction site. While the technology has countless applications, some major benefits include the ability to:

  • Collaborate with your team: Successful collaboration is essential in construction, but scheduling conflicts and prior project commitments can make it challenging for team members to be on-site at the same time. Tools like SiteVision allow designers, engineers and architects to use augmented reality to inspect projects remotely. By seeing a realistic representation of the site, construction professionals can flag issues and collaborate with their team to solve problems without being physically present.
  • Reduce errors: AR technology allows you to visualize your work site and gather accurate measurements with a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). These measurements give you a better understanding of your site data and help you develop precise project specifications.
  • Save money: Construction professionals can cut costs and save money with augmented reality. Thanks to AR reporting abilities, like SiteVision’s recording features, team leaders can effectively assign tasks, making workers more productive and helping project managers successfully meet deadlines.
  • Stay organized: With AR tools like SiteVision, you gain access to notetaking features, as well as storage and measurement recording. This way, you have all the information you need for your site. Access this data anytime to make informed decisions about your project.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality equipment allows you to better visualize a construction site and get a more in-depth understanding of the building you’ll be working on. While previous methods of organizing your work site meant that project managers had to be on-site simultaneously for successful collaboration, augmented reality lets individuals work together despite scheduling conflicts.

Introduce Augmented Reality With SiteVision

At SITECH Horizon, we offer SiteVision as a comprehensive augmented reality tool. With this technology, you can view georeferenced 3D models of your work site, collaborate on plans with your team and record measurements and notes about your project. Other features of SiteVision include:

  • Automatic model placement with centimeter accuracy
  • Model visualization in context with transparency and sectioning
  • Subsurface models with pit views
  • Attribute rich, fully textured 3D models
  • User-friendly measurement and reporting

Enjoy all of these features with Trimble hardware and smartphone setups. Contact our experienced team to learn more today.

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