Wheel loaders are essential pieces of construction equipment for moving rocks, soil, sand, debris and other heavy loads. Being able to rely on an accurate, durable wheel loader is crucial for many construction projects.

SITECH® offers a wide range of wheel loaders and technology to improve their performance. We provide a diverse selection to choose from so you can find equipment that meets your specific needs.

Wheel Loader Weighing System

Wheel loader scales ensure you meet required safety standards and minimize your liability exposure when your trucks are on the road. Reliable loader weigh scales prevent over or underloading your vehicle, which can mitigate truck turnarounds and increase your fleet’s efficiency. Adhering to guidelines by properly weighing your wheel loader will also ensure you avoid overload fines. SITECH provides multiple Trimble weighing solutions for wheel loaders, making it easy to ensure your equipment is properly loaded.


Wheel Loader Grade Control

Using a wheel loader for grading requires extra precision to produce desirable results. Trimble Machine Control Systems provide new solutions for wheel loader grade control. With GPS enhancement, wheel loaders can be just as effective at grading as traditional tools such as motor graders and dozers.

GPS Wheel Loader System

Operators typically enhance larger equipment such as dozers and motor graders with GPS navigation. However, many smaller job sites and confined areas restrict the maneuverability of dozers and motor graders. Wheel loaders can better navigate small spaces, making them a more efficient tool for grading than larger construction vehicles in those circumstances.

Innovative Trimble Machine Control Systems make it possible to use wheel loaders as finish-graders. New GPS enhancement in wheel graders allows operators to grade hard-to-access areas effectively.

This method offers many benefits to users:


  • Cost-effectiveness: The ownership and operation costs of wheel loaders are a fraction of those of dozers and motor graders, offering a low-cost alternative to traditional grading methods.
  • Versatility: Wheel loaders can effectively spread and level stone, subbase and sand, and you can even use them to dig basements and swimming pools. These machines are ideal for quarry work, where accuracy efficiency are vital.
  • Unlimited size compatibility: The GPS/GNSS guided system from Trimble is unrestricted by size and can be implemented on wheel loaders of all kinds.


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