Paving is a big task that requires precision and expertise. Ensuring the pavement is smooth while maintaining efficient work standards is essential to producing a high-quality end product.

Implementing control systems for paving can streamline this process by making it easier to reduce material use, increase productivity and produce a smoother surface. Read on to discover how paving control systems can improve your paving process and create more desirable results.

What Is Trimble Paving Control?

Whether you’re pouring concrete or asphalt, Trimble Paving Control Systems make it easier to monitor paving conditions, allowing for better control over the materials you pour. Paving control systems optimize efficiency by providing increased access to the details of your paving process.

The Trimble® Roadworks 3D Paving Control Platform for Asphalt Pavers offers a highly accurate, automatic 3D screen control system that directly references your paving design. Accessing detailed information about your paving process makes it easier to complete projects on time and under budget.

Trimble’s machine control systems can minimize rework and excess downtime from your initial design stages to the finishing touches, boosting your workers’ efficiency and producing a cleaner paved surface.

SITECH® Paving Control Systems

As an authorized Trimble dealer, SITECH Horizon provides access to a wide range of high-tech Trimble Paving Control Systems. With the variety of options available, you are sure to find products that meet your specific needs and optimize your paving experience.

Choose from the following options to improve your paving control:

  • Paving control for asphalt pavers: Speed up paving production and lay a smoother surface while reducing material costs.
  • Paving control for milling machines: Control the precise depth of the mill to prevent over-cutting and produce a smoother surface.
  • Paving control for slipform: Grind out fewer problems and stop less often for a more efficient work process.
  • Compacting control for asphalt compactors: Roll a more efficient pattern, saving fuel and increasing productivity.

Advantages of Using Paving Control

Paving control simplifies the concrete or asphalt paving process and allows you to produce stronger results. There are many benefits of incorporating paving control systems into your paving process:

  • Increased cost-effectiveness: Cut back on material costs by reducing the need for re-paving.
  • Smoother surface results: Get a more precise cutting depth, minimizing overcut and producing a smoother surface.
  • Boosted productivity: Eliminate guesswork and use a more efficient work pattern, increasing productivity and saving fuel in the process.


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SITECH offers a complete selection of Trimble Paving Control Systems to help make your paving job easy. We provide lasting products that will improve your working conditions and create a more efficient environment.

Get a paving control system for your future paving projects to save time and money. Request a paving control demo or contact us today to learn more. You can also view our rental solutions here.

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