Asphalt pavers and roadwork applications require accuracy and attention to detail for completed roads to be smooth and prepared for rain. With paving control technology from Trimble, paving machines can change the way they approach asphalt laying. SITECH Horizon shows you what this technology can do and how it can support your operation.

What Is Paving Control?

In roadwork, asphalt pavers are responsible for laying pavement and making it flat and functional for use. In the paving process, workers need to demolish existing surfaces, add grading for drainage and lay base, binding, and asphalt layers. This process requires precision, which is where paving control comes in.

Paving control is an automated way to handle paving projects. It typically involves a software program that provides parameters for paving jobs. With the help of paving control, operations can improve accuracy for a better final result.

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How Trimble Roadworks Provides Advanced Paving Control

Trimble Roadworks is an advanced paving control software for asphalt pavers. This integrated system allows construction teams to determine paving plans, create accurate bids and optimize road surfaces for the best performance. Paving control from Trimble makes it easy for managers to distribute tasks to crew members, determine the effect of delays and analyze material quantities precisely.

The Roadworks software and system work together to:

  • Enhance accuracy
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Eliminate rework

These systems include 3D and 2D models to work with your budget and project needs.

3D Platform

With the 3D roadworks platform, operations can create detailed 3D models that make planning more manageable than ever before. The system allows users to enhance road smoothness while cutting back on asphalt waste and simplifies the mapping process for transitions, changing cross slopes and elevated curves.

Guiding the paver with the paving control system makes the machine work according to your design specifications. Set the screed position and compare it to the results from your 3D model. As the operator works, the system guides the screed for the correct material thickness and slope.

2D Platform

The 2D paving control platform paves with a fixed thickness using a 2D model. This lower-cost model is an excellent option for roads that have already been milled or graded with the 3D system. Reference types include:

  • Surface: Sonic tracers send a signal through the surface to calculate an average elevation for smooth paving.
  • Stringline: With configuration, the sonic tracers measure lateral movements according to the stringline. The control box provides a warning when you stray from the stringline.
  • Slope sensor: Angle sensors determine the appropriate cross slope for a road.
  • Laser plane: A grade laser and receiver use a laser plane to control asphalt thickness.

Learn More About Roadworks From SITECH Horizon

Trimble Roadworks offers advanced paving with 3D and 2D platforms. With these systems, construction operations can achieve more in less time, reduce rework and decrease material usage. Plus, Roadworks helps to diminish labor costs and other expenses. Want to learn more? Contact the SITECH Horizon team today for additional information on Trimble paving control. View our Trimble Machine Control rentals.

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