Trimble Roadworks Paving Control

Trimble Roadworks Paving Control

Trimble Roadworks Paving Control for asphalt pavers is designed to help you do more in less time. Our innovative, next-generation paving control platform features intuitive, easy-to-learn software that gives you greater flexibility and more control over the mat. Speed up your paving production while laying a smoother surface and reducing material costs.

  • Achieve smoothness and accuracy up to the finished surface.
  • Minimize the use of expensive material by paving within a tighter tolerance and getting closer to the minimal asphalt thickness specificatoin early in the process.
  • Rugged and durable components for tough construction conditions, rated to protect against dust and water.
  • In 3D applications, eliminate any complications involving stringlines: human error, costly setup, maneuvering hazards, etc.
  • With the Trimble SNM941 Connected Site Gateway, transfer 3D designs from the office to the machine wirelessly and automatically so that the operator is always using the latest design. Productivity data collected from the machine can autmatically sync back to the office.

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