Is It Time to Add Construction Technology to My Fleet?

Spectra Precision Laser on Excavation Site

Technology innovations have impacted the construction industry with data access, GPS locations, equipment autonomy and other solutions to everyday operations. How do you choose the best construction technology options for a competitive edge and cost savings? SITECH Horizon offers some of the most advanced options in construction technology.

What Is Construction Technology?

Construction technology describes tools, machinery and software used in construction projects. These innovations deliver advanced capabilities that help your team complete tasks faster and more accurately. Construction technology is valuable for various projects, from residential to industrial applications, and practical in any phase, from design to building.

The primary components of construction technology include the:

  • Base station: The base station gathers location signals from satellites, making corrections as needed, and sends a position to your equipment. This data improves your machine’s accuracy.
  • Machine: The technology component for your equipment often looks like two antennas atop the cab. The antennas use satellite technology to determine the machine’s location. As the satellites move, the device will get more accurate location information from the base station. The information management units (IMUs) on the machine determine the location of the blade or bucket.
  • Digital design file: The digital design file is created through AutoCAD software, then converted to a machine control language. The file shows the plan for the job site on the in-cab display, so operators know where they need to perform each task.

Benefits of Construction Technology

Acquiring technology software for your construction company will give you these benefits:

  • Interoperability: If your fleet contains machines from different brands, interoperability facilitates coordination between that equipment, so you can operate without finding a compatible system for each brand.
  • Repeatability: With fewer inputs, operators can have higher repetitive accuracy with each project.
  • Employee retention: Investing in technology demonstrates your willingness and effort to invest in your team’s success and work satisfaction. Technology can improve talent recruitment and employee retention, which is essential in today’s competitive job market.
  • Productivity increase: Suitable technology assistance can increase an operator’s performance by more than 30%.
  • Cost savings: Construction technology will help your workers get the job done right the first time, reducing the costs associated with rework, machine operation and material overruns.
  • Stay on schedule: Working smarter with purpose-built technology allows you to stay on schedule with your projects to meet your clients’ deadlines.

Construction Technology Options From SITECH Horizon

SITECH Horizon has several advanced technology software options that professionals can tailor to all construction equipment, regardless of its brand. We have:

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There are several technology options on the market, and SITECH Horizon can help you choose the best ones for your fleet. SITECH Horizon will also support you with training to help you integrate these solutions in your workflow so that your team can use them every day.

We prioritize helping our customers add construction technology to their fleets. Contact us today through our online form or by phone at 704-644-0660.

How Do Spectra Lasers Enhance Accuracy on the Job Site?

Spectra laser in useSpectra lasers from Trimble provide the features that construction managers look for in precision technology. With their enhanced precision, operations can see improvements right away. Here, SITECH Horizon reviews the qualities of an excellent laser and why Spectra is a fantastic choice.

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Choosing the Right Precision Laser for Your Job

When shopping for lasers, you need to consider several factors to find the right one for your job. First, buyers need to consider laser type, which will determine how a crew uses it. While line lasers provide a single line for basic leveling, spot lasers help transfer one point to another, often used in plumbing or electrical. Rotary lasers cover large areas and project laser lines at 360 degrees.

Other features to consider are the leveling type, the need for a detector and rotation speed. Precision lasers can be self-leveling or require manual leveling by adjusting base screws, and buyers need to decide what type they’d prefer. Detectors are necessary for rotary lasers during outdoor use because lasers can be hard to see outside and require an alert when the laser is level.

Rotation speed on a rotary laser affects how far the beam can project. Fixed rotation speeds cannot go as far, but they’re more visible. Variable rotation speeds travel much farther but are harder to see.

Buyers should consider their precision laser applications and what features would be best for their jobs.

The Advantages of the Right Laser

With the right laser, operations can benefit from:

  • Accuracy: Precision lasers remove the need for the manual measuring process, eliminating human error and improving consistency on all projects.
  • Speed: With accurate, automatic measuring methods, operations can cut back on measuring and calculating. This reduction helps crews decrease project time and improve turnaround speed.
  • Ease of use: User-friendly controls only need one operator, allowing teams to allocate workers to more involved tasks.
  • Productivity: An excellent precision laser will offer extended operating life, reducing battery expenses and downtime.
  • Cost: Precision lasers provide a high return on investment by improving uptime, increasing profitability and reducing the chances of costly rework.

Spectra Lasers Offer the Benefits You’re Looking For

Spectra lasers offer models for leveling, grading and pipelaying for versatility on the job. With easy-to-use interfaces, long-range options and self-leveling features, Spectra lasers deliver superior accuracy and speed in many environments.

Grade lasers come with single- or dual-grade capability for horizontal and vertical precision. Laser levels offer long-range measurements with severe weather and drop protection features. Pipe lasers provide self-leveling options, flexible power and far-reaching laser capabilities.

With Spectra lasers, your operation can enhance accuracy on the job with ease while improving profitability.

Shop Spectra Lasers From SITECH Horizon

SITECH Horizon carries grading, leveling and pipelaying lasers for construction applications. These intuitive lasers improve job site accuracy for faster task completion and excellent final results. Explore our full selection of Spectra lasers to find the best model for your applications. Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss these models and your purchasing options.

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