Setting up your Trimble Construction Positioning Software prepares you to begin any project. We’ll cover everything you need to know before setting up your Trimble system to boost efficiency and improve safety on every job site.

How to Prepare for Site Positioning Systems

Site positioning systems use laser scanning devices and software to give you sharp images of your construction site. The hardware and software work in tandem to create live data that you can use to plan projects. Trimble Siteworks Positioning Systems are easy to install and set up on your construction site, and you can remove them just as quickly after your project is complete.

There are two primary phases of setting up your Trimble equipment:

Hardware Preparation

To start setting up your Trimble architectural positioning system, you need:

  • Your Trimble Integrated Positioning System.
  • The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver.
  • A power management source.
  • A distance measurement device.
  • A phone or tablet that is compatible with the Trimble software.

Once you’ve purchased the appropriate hardware, you can set up your site. Bring your GNSS smart antenna, configure your device and start working directly from the touch screen. The next step is to set up your software so that you can begin visualizing.

Site Positioning Software Installation

Before you start working, you must purchase a subscription to the site positioning software, SiteVision, and activate your account. The SiteVision software is supported on a wide variety of devices. This software uses Android technology so that you can access the application on your smartphone for optimal convenience.

After you bring your antenna to the site, the laser technology will create an image that you can access through the SiteVision software on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can work with this data in real-time and visualize your plans.

Features of Trimble Site Positioning Equipment

Setting up your equipment opens the door for many on-site possibilities. Trimble produces various systems to accommodate multiple industries and sites, but the overall features you can expect from a Trimble system include:

  • Visuals: Get a full image of your site, complete with color imaging, to create detailed construction plans and visualize your project.
  • Performance: Instead of remeasuring areas and relying on contact data recording, you can streamline processes with Trimble software.
  • Precision: With the help of Google’s Augmented Reality (AR) tools, you can gather precise images and interact with them in real time.

Using your Trimble system ensures that no minute goes to waste on your construction site. With this product’s enhanced visuals and fast start time, you can assemble and remove your Trimble setup at the end of every day.

Get Started With Your Architectural Positioning System

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