WingtraOne Gen II

WingtraOne Gen II

Map larger, and fly faster. WingtraOne Gen II is the drone proven to be the best-in-class, providing you with the highest quality images and data to take your project to the next level. Working at full speed – the WingtraOne Gen II can collect data up to 8x faster than multicopter drones and 2x faster than standard fixed-wing drones. The Gen II is compatible with Trimble Stratus, and is available through our Professional Services here at SITECH Horizon. Give us a call to learn more about how the WingtraOne Gen II can enhance your jobsite experience.

  • Flight time up to 59 minutes, with an efficient fixed-wing flight up to 36 mph for large coverage on some of your largest job sites. 
  • Features a 42 MP camera, which displays 0.28 in/px image, allowing the Gen II to fly higher to capture more ground and more detail with every picture. 
  • An onboard high-precision PPK GNSS receiver allows for fewer quality checkpoints. 
  • Maximum coverage with one flight – the WingtraOne Gen II can fly up to 305 ft in altitude, covering even more ground in less time. 
  • Faster data collection and expanded coverage leads to fewer people in the field for less time, lowering the man-hour costs. 
  • A longer equipment lifetime – the WingtraOne’s camera never comes into contact with the ground, meaning no debris scratching your camera lens. 

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