The ability to stay on target and meet established deadlines is an essential skill in the construction industry. Achieving high success rates in construction requires focus on the task at hand and consistent productivity.

Innovative products from Trimble use technology to increase productivity, making it easier to complete your projects in less time without compromising the quality of your results. Discover how Trimble Earthworks for Excavators could improve your construction work process.

What Is SITECH® Trimble Earthworks Software for Excavators?

Trimble Earthworks for Excavators is an innovative new technology designed to provide unparalleled control over your excavator for maximum efficiency.  The program runs on a TD520 touch screen interface that’s compatible with Android tablets. You can easily configure this technology to fit seamlessly into your workflow for a quick transition to increased productivity. Earthworks for Excavators connects to Wi-Fi and will automatically sync data and updates between your equipment and your office.

This technology was designed from the ground up with construction professionals in mind, optimizing operators’ control of equipment for greater ease in use. This Trimble excavator software is highly flexible and has multiple configuration options for compatibility with various types of equipment.

Advantages and Uses of Trimble Earthworks Software

Earthworks for Excavators allows you to operate with higher efficiency and make the most of your working days. It is useful in construction, landscaping and mining applications and is compatible with all major equipment brands, offering a comprehensive solution for fleets with equipment from multiple brand names.

There are many benefits and applications for this software:


  • Automated boom and bucket controls: Create more precise and even surfaces over flat or sloped grounds.
  • Reduced overcut: Achieve a smoother grade by minimizing overcut.
  • Higher efficiency: Accomplish more in less time with automated features that increase productivity.
  • Increased profits: Consistently meet goals and crush productivity benchmarks with Earthworks for Excavators for an increase in profit.

Most importantly, this equipment is easy to use, allowing for a quick onboarding process and delivering consistent, accurate results, regardless of the operator’s experience level.



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SITECH provides groundbreaking technical solutions that can help make your construction work more accessible, efficient and cost-effective. Trimble Earthworks for Excavators can help you complete your projects in fewer passes, saving you valuable time and money.

Our staff of qualified team members will ensure you get the equipment you need to finish your projects on time and under budget. Reach out to us today to get started with Trimble Earthworks software for your excavator or schedule an Earthworks software demonstration. View all of our rental solutions here.

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