TDC600 Handheld

Features and Benefits

The Trimble TDC600 Handheld is a tough, portable and connected field computer for GNSS operations.

Designed for Construction

  • Connect your office to the construction site with a cellular modem, laptop, GPS and controller in one device
  • Read text, graphics and complex maps under any field conditions
  • Long-life, all-day battery ensures hours of use in the field

Fully-Functional Field Device

  • Stay connected and work faster by making design changes in the field, and instantly communicating changes or problems to field crews and the office
  • Access email instantly and synchronize data from the site to eliminate delays associated with driving data updates to and from the office and field
  • Fast and powerful 2.2 GHz processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage
  • Android™ 8.0 operating system

TDC600 Handheld Downloads

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TDC600 Handheld

Use the TDC600 Handheld with Trimble Siteworks Software and a Trimble SPS GNSS Receiver for:

  • Measuring and verifying original ground levels and site features
  • Monitoring real-time cut/fill information
  • Checking finished grade and laid material thickness against design elevations and tolerances
  • Computing progress and material stockpile volumes
  • Monitoring, and conducting quality control for earthworks and paving operations
  • Assessing as-built measurements and generating high quality reports for record keeping, approvals, and payment purposes
  • Synchronizing design and field data via the internet

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The easy-to-use Trimble TDC600 Handheld allows contractors to work with more complex 3D data sets more effectively in the field, connect to the office for on-the-spot approvals and communicate changes to field crews.

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